Atenas Climate


In Atenas, the annual rainfall varies between 40 and 80 in and the period of greatest intensity of rainfall is from June to October, similar to the central valley. However canton enjoys a very pleasant climate, regulated by the humid winds coming from the region of San Ramon, and penetrate the depressions that form the Montes del Aguacate, which makes temperatures vary throughout the territory the canton; the south and southwest, or canyon near the Rio Grande de Tarcoles, is very warm, as the valley of this river allows the passage of the warm currents from the Pacific; then, as you move north and northwest is cooler, for being the slopes of the Montes del Aguacate.

Temperatures range from lows of 62 ° to 66 ° F in January, a maximum of 80 ° to 86 ° F in March. The annual average temperature is 77 ° F. As stated, Athens is one of the villages where the people achieved greater longevity, a phenomenon attributed to the mild climate. Often Athens is chosen as places to restore the health of heart patients, rheumatism or asthma.

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